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Editorial: Women’s role imperative in all sectors

International Women’s Day is being mark on 8 March across the globe aimed at giving a large-scale tribute to their achievements and showing equality in the men dominated society. This international event is also to celebrate women’s achievements—from the political to the social—while calling for gender equality. This day can be taken as an important opportunity to increase awareness among society over women’s role. With no doubt, women could play a greater role in making changes in their own lives and also contribute the sustainable development of a country. However, this equality has yet to be observed fully. Moreover, this day was originally called International Working Women’s Day. It has been observed since the early 1900s, and is now celebrating each year. This day is celebrating through arts performances, talk shows, conferences, big gatherings of politicians and etc…Changing people’s stereotypes of gender as it relates to women’s education, working, social and culture problems, and other rights of them in every fronts are another reason behind celebration of this day. Through this, they want to combat these problems and make changes in their lives. Furthermore, figure indicates that violence toward women is still worse in the globe. Afghanistan also celebrates this day, but as matter of fact, Afghan women’s role in society has been respected for thousands of years. In the history of Afghanistan women’s were given respect, but Taliban insurgents are another demoralizing issue, as they don’t even have mercy on women, children, and to humans as whole. It is also not to forget that civil war proved bitter for all Afghans, especially to women. They were deprived of their basic rights. At current time, women are going through violence in some parts of the country, especially in insecure one. Afghanistan still remained a dangerous place for women, but nothing is impossible when there is will. Women themselves should stand against any form of violence and injustice. It is obvious that Afghan women have been tied up with lots of factors such as little opportunity to take part in political and social decisions, poor healthcare, meager access to education and heavily prone to the domestic violence. Meanwhile, women are holding key position in different government and non-government organizations. They have presence from Presidential Palace to Parliament and even to the provincial offices nationwide. There is a patriot salute to all Afghan women, who are working in different positions, especially to women security force and women teachers. One is rendering scarifies along with their male collages to defend motherland—another is educating our children for brighter future of the war-hit country. Despite several achievements, they still face many challenges. Women’s role is imperative in every front. It must be highlighted that feminism is not about making women strong, because women are already strong, rather is about changing the way the world perceives that strength. The Afghan women should stand jointly as they can’t get rid of the violence when half of them are held back. Women are too strong to ask a man for support. They should realize their power and make use of it in a perfect manner.

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