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Editorial: World Day against Child Labor

June 12 is marked as World Day against Child Labor. The Afghan Children have not been spared of relentless violence during the past four decades of war. Thousands of children are forced to do hazardous work. Based on official statics1.2 million Afghan children are engaged in hard work. Child Laboring drives from lack of security and government’s attention to the orphanage and poor families. The Afghan children are facing several problems including sexual abuse, force marriage, health and education. Hundreds of students work as vendors on the streets of capital Kabul while thousands of others engaged into working in bakeries, workshops and even as labors. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund earlier termed Afghanistan as world’s worst country for the children. Children are considered a dynamic energy of a country who play an important role in construction and development of a country’s future. Moreover, our government have so far not paid necessary attention to the children. All of these children who bear tough and difficult times- with working in hazardous environment- are responsible as a bread bringer for their family. The accept all the challenges in a bid to make an end meet for their family. Their parents have probably been killed or maimed in one of the hundreds of security incidents that take a huge toll of civilians on daily bases as violence lingers on. There is no process for any of these war victims to support them or at least to meet their family’s demands, and therefore these children have no option but to engage into hard working even at early ages of six or seven to earn merely income to survive. In some cases, their parents are drug users, forcing their children to hard work. But these are not the only problems remained unsolved before the Afghan children, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in a report the number of children who lost their lives in this current relentless violence to 109 in only one month. The violence erupting in the family has also its affect on children. As the government itself is caught into corruption, there is no transparent process to investigate the violence committing against children. The Afghan children are not only deprived of education and engaged into hard working but also scrambling with a lot social, economical and security problems. They are being abused in the variety of ways. To prevail the problems, the government and human rights watchdogs should implement humanitarian process that could rescue of the children from hard working, and help them in several ways.

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