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Editorial: World Earth Day

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, and has ever since been an annual event. The person credited for organizing the event 48 years ago was a US Senator Gaylord Nelson. He rallied the support of millions of Americans who demonstrated in across different cities in the United States. Eventually, the issue of clean environment and earth conservation was brought into the national agenda. Various events were organized and people came out to the streets to reaffirm their support for protecting the environment. After years of advocacy by environmentalists around the world, 20 years later Earth Day went global. Indeed, this move has opened up new wave of environmental activism, and people in roughly 200 countries are making efforts to find ways to protect and celebrate the planet. In the past there were some environmental victories, but the defeats can’t be blinded as well. All of it has effects on the planet in some way and another. According to Earth Day Network, this year’s Earth Day is dedicated to spreading awareness about the pollution caused by plastic and need to eventually end its use. At another milestone, Earth Day 2000 chose to address the growing issue of global warming and the switch to clean energy sources. This day also celebrated in Afghanistan. To mark the occasion, the National Environment Protection Authority (NEPA) in cooperation with Kabul municipality launched a campaign to clean up the Hashmat Khan Lake, which is one of Afghanistan’s protected areas. All the participants, including civil society member termed usage of plastics hazard for the environment that pollutes the ground for next generations. The theme of Earth Day is to end plastic pollution. It is our obligation to change our attitude and behavior about plastics tradition. The idea is to encourage people to cut down on their plastic consumption by paying a closer attention to the number of plastic items each person consumes annually and make a conscious effort to reduce the amount. But to be sincere, do we really care about the earth? Do we not cut its trees, or don’t test fatal experiments, like dropping biggest bombs–or nuclear examination that causes huge damages to the earth. We love our planet, but what we are doing for it. Usage of plastic is our mistake that brings out pollution. Land in its nature is very much beautiful and spawn oxygen for us through it is various assortments. But this is human being that destroying it in one or another way. Nuclear weapons have been tested in all environments since 1945—making our planet more hazardous to live. It would in very much interest of people around the globe to celebrate the Earth Day with real sprit, not symbolic.

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