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Editorial: Worst terror act

Like of past, once again the sacred religious ceremony arranged in connection with Millad-ul-Nabi was targeted by enemies of Islam and Afghans. The suicide attack, targeting almost religious scholars, Ulema and innocent Muslims, causes lives and injuries to scores of people. In fact, such type of violent and terror acts always attracting hate and condemnation from all over the world, therefore, it is always hard for the militant groups or their mentors to claim its responsibility. So far no any individual or group has claimed its responsibility. Even a group, claiming responsibility for 99 percent violent acts in all over Afghanistan expressed unawareness of this terrible act. Couple of days back, Afghan government has issued data of recently occurred violent acts which made alert not only peace loving Afghans but also the US led allies. On such grounds, the US Special Envoy Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad has not only expedited efforts for peace and reconciliation but he also suggested President Donald Trump to delay the Presidential polls scheduled to be held in 2019. No one can neglect the fact that number of Afghanistan enemies is countless. Spy agencies from several neighbouring, regional and rest of the world are engaged in strange pulling for making safe and secure its strategic and economic interests. All routes and roads, connecting the economic and industrial typhoons with the consumer markets are passing through this particular part of South Asia dominated by Afghans, especially by Pakhtoons. On such grounds, almost peace initiatives carried out since collapse of former Soviet Union couldn’t yield results but even making further complicated the issues in war devastated country. Now it is crystal clear that patriotic Afghans are united and they are no more interested in wars, terror and hostilities on their motherland. They want peace. But the regional and neighbouring countries whom are reluctant to afford a peaceful, stable, progressive and prosperous Afghanistan are instigating and facilitating terror acts. The violent acts since 2014 when the so-called National Unity Government was imposed on Afghanistan got a fast shift. And miseries of war affected Afghans further multiplied when the US led coalition announced ending of combat operations against the militants. Now when the violent acts are on rise, development and investment process is on halt. The Foreign countries are preventing its diplomats and officers of visiting Kabul. Those who are stationing in Kabul are not allowed to visit other main cities and regions. In such a situation, responsibility rests with no other than the UN to realize its responsibilities regarding return of peace and stability in Afghanistan-which is just and genuine right of Afghanistan.

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