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Editorial: Yet peace is achievable

Afghanistan is considered one of the poorest countries in the Asian-continent, but not that much in true scenes. Afghanistan has only three trillion dollars underground untapped resources. This is huge money, but of no use at the moment. Over 70 percent of the population is under poverty line. The Afghan people are a poor-rich. Unfortunately, the ongoing war has devastated and destroyed Afghanistan to such an extent where even we can’t exploit our own resources. It won’t be wrong to set political transition or political unity as the main roots to the ongoing conflict. These transitions were supposed to bring stability and end the war. Nothing such happened and still we failed to build a national consensus or at least able to convince the conflicting parties to reduce violence at first place, providing ground for their complete reconciliation and make a good end. Once the war has ended, the long desire of the Afghan people will come true. There is live with peace and the menace of corruption, unemployment, security, food insecurity and other turmoil will automatically vanish out. It comes as deep shock that 49,000 Afghan people have been displaced in the past two months of violence around the country. Children and women are among them who forced to leave their residences. What is more annoying is that 20 percent of the displaced were men, 21 percent women and 59 percent of them are children under the age of 18. They are now in temporary shelters, and obviously facing huge problems. What is important is to work on such a setup to prevent war and shape policies that will build a more peaceful Afghanistan. Good governance and inclusive politics that enable societies to flourish is the need of the hour. Afghan and Taliban need to directly engage with a range of issues and make all-out efforts to encourage action for peace if they are truly seeking a political compromise. War is no more logical solution. Afghanistan has been plagued by war for over four decades and this is utterly enough. The cumulative toll of these conflicts and its people is enormous. But still despite such a long-period of calamitous decades of death and destruction, peace and stability is still achievable if there is will and sincerity.

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