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Editorial:2019 Presidential polls

Though the United States is preferring taking away the peace process to its logical conclusion and for the purpose its suggestion of delaying the Presidential Polls from April till next July. However, electioneering process is taking place in Kabul whereas the aspirants and their supporters are engaged in heals and deals with each others. Besides sitting President Ashraf Ghani, several others are also engaged in efforts to drum up support of influential and powerful groups and dignitaries as well. Negotiation for fielding of candidates are getting approval of powerful in favour of competent aspirants, are being held in palace like villa’s in Kabul as well as in several other regional cities. So far no any penal has completed the consultation process but the one fact is being established that Afghan people are still attaching great hopes with war-generated leadership. No one can deny the fact that socially Afghanistan is a country of multi-national and communal groups and majority of them believe in Jirga’s. Unfortunately the US had failed in honouring of its commitments pertained to helping in convening of the traditional Loya Jirga, aimed at addressing shortfalls and anomalies in National Constitution which might be a sever threat to the future of trillion’s of US dollars invested on reconstruction of war devastated country’s living infrastructure. Now after failure in honouring of its commitments regarding Loya Jirga, the US is now in search of pretexts of delaying the Presidential polls. But the Afghans are determined to maintain democratic and political process in motherland whatever might be the situation and for purpose the leaders-who remain hostile to each others are now engaged in hobnobbing with each others. Ironic former President Hamid Karzai receiving delegates after delegates every day, and possibly they are consulting election tickets. Now, the power play for the upcoming presidential election has been kicked off, and the Afghan elites are trying best to have a comprehensive team where representatives from key tribes be given equal space. Countrymen are attaching great hopes over forthcoming presidential elections to be conducted peacefully and the candidates must deliver its promises made by them during electoral campaigns. Having fair, free, and transparent election is the only remedy to steer the country toward institutionalization of democracy and change the current landscape of the country to further prosper and stable. 

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