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Education Ministry drafts new educational policy for girls

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Education Ministryhas drafted a policy aimed at improving women’s education system and addressing their challenges in Afghanistan.

The minister of education Mirwais Balkhi talking in a gathering on Wednesday said that the policy would pave the ground for women to get access to the education and reduce the illiteracy in the county.

“The goal of the policy (women education policy)  is to counter social, cultural, economic obstacles that women are facing with, and it caused them not to have access to education and to make a better circumstance for women to get access to schools,” he said.

This is as more than 3.7 million Afghan kids don’t have access to schools, in which 75 percent of them are girls.

Also, UNICEF has said that more than two million Afghan girls don’t have access to schools.

UNICEF says security conflicts and lack of schools are the main obstacle against Afghan girls access to the education.

However the ministry of education confirmed that war, conflicts and cultural traditions has deprived Afghans girls’ access to education in Afghanistan says that it has struggled to make the local educational methods to pave the ground for girl’s educations in the country.

Meanwhile, UNICEF ambassadress in Afghanistan Hina Asify Wardak said that girls face too much challenges for accessing to the education and knowledge.

Even so she said that the policy of women education is beneficial furthered that the government should pay more attention to facilitate education methods for girls.

“After now every girl will go to schools, such policies are beneficial, but it (women education policy) needs more attention and efforts,” Asify said.

The ministry of education said that it has 30 percent boosted up the number of instructors in female schools, furthered that more steps would be taken at this regards.

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