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Educational Officials call on warring parties to stop use of schools as shelter

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KABUL: Educational Authorities expressed concerns over the use of school compounds as shelter in fighting between the Afghan security forces and Taliban, saying that due to current conflicts 176 schools were partially or completely damaged.

Deputy Minister of Education, Attaullah Wahidyar told a press conference in Kabul that schools should not be used as trenches and military centers.

He called on the security institutions to pay serious attention for ensuring security of schools.

Wahidyar said the security forces should behold protection to the schools during military operations.

Meanwhile some sources said that schools were closed for the students in some parts of the country following the fall of several districts to Taliban that also forced many families to leave their residences.

Wahidyar called on schools’ principles of secure areas to enroll students who were displaced because of the recent clashes and insecurity.

Taliban are accused of destroying schools in the areas under their control.

He also mentioned the problematic issue of fees payment by the students to the private schools, saying that half of the fees should be paid by schools and the rest should be paid by parents of the students for the month of July.

Wahidyar said that schools were not completely closed in the month of June and the educational process continued till the last week of the month, therefore, parents of the students are obliged to pay the fees.

He stressed that schools were completely halted in the month of July due to the coronavirus restrictions.

He called on people to cooperate with the educational sector in the current situation.

This comes as private schools asked students to pay fees for the month of June and July.

It is worth mentionable to say that some schools provided online lessons to students during quarantine period.

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