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Efforts for power monopoly harms peace process, says political leader

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KABUL: A political leader expressed concerns over efforts for monopolizing of power, saying that political tensions would lead the country to an impasse and would hamper the ongoing peace process.

Hajji Din Mohammad, head of a political party, on Saturday called on the government and Taliban to reach a settlement, arguing that peace was priority for the people. He asked President Ghani to be serious on the results of peace talks.

Meanwhile, the NATO civilian representative for Afghanistan, Nicholas Kay asked the political leaders to find a solution for the current political crisis, because he believes that political crisis threatens Afghanistan as much as the Coronavirus threatening the world.

The presidential office promises that every Afghan would see himself/herself in the next government.

Tensions and political conflicts over the formation of the new government is sparking concerns for political and social future.

Political parties and figures express concerns that a continuing political crisis and efforts for power monopoly would put a negative impact on the peace process.

They said President Ghani and his electoral rival Abdullah need to reach a settlement and fill a power vacuum.

“Afghanistan’s political leaders should find a suitable solution for the current political crisis and run together the peace process and prevent the Corona Virus,” said Ambassador Kay.

Ghani’s office said that they were working hard for a political settlement, with presidential spokesman Latif Mahmoud saying that the next government be inclusive in which every Afghan could see himself/herself.

Based on a peace deal signed between Taliban and the United States on February 29, the government of Afghanistan should release 5,000 Taliban fighters, after which the militants would be ready to hold talks with the government delegation.

President Ghani signed a decree for the release of insurgents, but he is still fighting his rivals at home over the formation of new government and shape a negotiating delegation.

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