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Eid celebrations

The Muslims around the world have celebrated the Eid-ul-Fitr after the completion of the holy month of Ramadan and the Afghan people, who suffered a lot due to decades of conflict, also joined the festivity with hope of truce between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters just like last year. Afghan forces and Taliban members embraced each other’s, clicked photos, posed for photos during last year Eid days where ceasefire was declared from both sides. The ordinary Afghans also visited their villages under control of Taliban group, and they (Taliban) also visited cities across the country. It had given a feeling that there was no war as both security forces and Taliban fighters expressed unprecedented affection to each other just like brothers. The Eid is a festival for joy because the Muslims could pass the divine test with taking fast and being busy more in prayers. Thus, every Muslim looks happy and goes to meet relatives and friends to greet the happy Eid days to them as well as hosts them in his/her house. However, with no trace this time the bad security in the country became worse during the month of Ramadan, taking the lives of tens of civilians and security forces. Taliban also intensified attacks to take the control of some districts, which the security forces bravely resisted. Moreover, Taliban’s leader in his Eid message said the fight would continue and rejected ceasefire that has dashed to the ground the hope of Afghans for another peaceful Eid days. Accepting ceasefire exhibited the willingness of the Taliban group to shun violence by nodding to the Afghan-owned and Afghan-lead peace and reconciliation process. But this time they not only rejected truce but insisted over continuation of war. With the ongoing peace talks and the Eid itself is a great platform for the Taliban to understand that war is no answer to the problems. Only dialogue and negotiation is best and sole remedy left to find solution to the current conflicts that takes high toll on civilians and the Afghan security forces.

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