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Eight arrested for smuggling drugs

AT News Report-KABUL: Eight drug smugglers have been arrested in the past week by the anti-narcotic police in a major drug bust across the country, officials said.

Afghanistan’s court of justice task force said in a statement that three drug smugglers were arrested in Hamid Karzai international airport in Kabul while trying to smuggle heroin and hashish to India.

The judicial body is conducting investigations, and once enough evidence is substantiated, the court will sentence the traffickers to jail, said the statement.

Five more drug traffickers were arrested from Kabul and Herat provinces. And over 24 kg of heroin, 14 kg of opium, 63 kg of hashish and 290 K tablets have been seized from the smugglers. The convicts will have the right to defense attorney for their legal defense and will be convicted after separate judicial trials based on the evidence brought before the court and the counter-narcotic law of Afghanistan.

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