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Eight IEC staffers, 25 Taliban rebels killed in deadly Kandahar attack

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KABUL:At least eight Independent Election Commission (IEC) staffersand 25 Taliban insurgents were killedafter deadly attack carried out by Taliban rebels inMaroof district ofsouthern Kandahar province on Saturday midnight, officials said Sunday.

Spokesman for Ministry of Defense, FawanAmanhasconfirmedTaliban’s attack, sayingthe Taliban rebels used four Hamveesfull of explosive-materials against the district’s police compound, where they (Taliban) faced heavy resistancefrom the Afghan security and defense forces and their attack has been pushed back.

Rejecting the collapse of the district to the Taliban, he said the Taliban suffered heavy casualties during counterattack.

Meanwhile, IEC Deputy Spokesman Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi lamented over losing eightstaffers. “IEC office was close to police compound where the attack took place.”

In the meantime, Ministry of Interior in a statementconfirmed Taliban Humvees attack onMaroof district that faced quick reaction from theAfghan security and defense forces and Taliban receivedhigh casualties.

25 Taliban fighters were killed and still some dead bodies in the site, the statement added.

According to the ministry, situation is normal and Maroof district is under control of the Afghan forces.

Additional forces dispatched to Maroof district and clearance operation would be started.

However, the Taliban Spokesman ZabihullahMujahid in a tweet message confirmed the Taliban fighters attacked Maroof district on Saturday night. 

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