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Election deadlock: Pinned hopes on IECC

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KABUL: After recording thousands of complains, the Independent Electoral Complaint Commission has begun probing the allegations of corruption that have been stated by several electoral teams and as well as electoral watchdogs.

All of the complaints would be investigated in three days by the commission’s provincial centers across the country, the complaints commission said. According to the commission, after classification and categorization of the complaints, the officials would decide about the valid and invalid of complaints.

A commission, Sayed Qutbuddin Roydar, said, “All of the complaints would be categorized and be prepared for the conclusion.”

Nangarhar, Kabul and Kandahar with containing more complaints are on top, while Sar-e-Pul and Panjshir have contain the lowest complains.

The IECC has earlier examined a 15-day deadline for the investigation of over 16, 500 complaints.

Meanwhile, some electoral watchdogs believe that the commission would not be able to probe all of the complaints in due time.

CEO of Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan, Yusuf Rashid suggested that due to ongoing tensions, the IECC needs more time to transparently probe the complaints. “The complaints need to be consulted with Independent Election Commission and electoral teams,” he added.

The “Stability and Partnership” electoral team led by chief executive Abdullah Abdullah has registered total number of 8,000 complaints, making majority of it.

The Independent Election Commission has recently announced the result of the long-delayed presidential election, in which President Ghani was on top, and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah was second. The announcement made after three months since the election conducted. Afghans casted vote on 28th September to elect their new leader, but it has turned to a new headache after exposure of widespread fraud.

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