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Election dispute rages as complaints of fraud pile up

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KABUL: The announcement of initial election results is not acceptable and it is a completely disgrace, said members of the Presidential Candidates Council (PCC) on Tuesday in a press briefing, and warned that it could likely unleash new wave of crisis.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Sunday in the initial results had put candidate Mohammad Ashraf Ghani as top runner with receiving 923,868 votes count as 50.64 percent, and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in second with 720,990 votes count as 39.52 percent.

Other contenders, Gulbudin Hekmayar obtain 70,242 votes (3.85 percent), Rahmatullah Nabil 3,3921 votes (1.86 percent), Dr. Faramarz Tamana 18,066 votes (0.99 percent), Sayed Noorullah Jalili 15,526 votes (0.85 percent), Abdul Latif Pedram 12,608 votes (0.69 percent), Enayatullah Hafiz 1,1374 (0.62 percent ) Mohammad Hakim Torsan 6,504 votes (0.36 percent), Ahmad Wali Masoud 3,942 (0.22 percent), Mohammad Shahab Hakimi 3,324 (0.18 percent), Dr. Gholam Faroq Nejrabi 1,606 (0.09) and Noor Rahman Liwal 865 (0.05 percent).

Ahmad Wali Masoud, a presidential hopeful and member of the council has strongly objected the announcement of primary results, saying rule based on fraudulent votes not acceptable. Speaking to the media, Masoud said the election conducted in the most fraudulent ways.

Accepting initial results is considered as the last breath to the democracy, and no one would caste votes in next elections, Masoud alleged. “Democracy will die if we remain silent over forged votes that unveil crisis.” We must adopt all necessary steps to prevent crisis, he added.

Another contender, Enayatullah Hafiz termed announcement of preliminary result funny and unacceptable.

He called for formation of collation government, in which all segment of the society seen their representatives in it. “This is the only solution to current crisis.” 

The long-awaited election result has been delayed twice. Originally it was set for19th October, but latter postponed to 14th November, and eventually announced on Sunday.

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