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Election is principled in Islam; Taliban told

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The process of election is absolutely principled in Islamic teachings, the Independent Election Commission told the Taliban group after the extremists labeled the forthcoming election as western propaganda, threatening to sabotage the national process of voting.

Earlier the Taliban group through a statement said they would do everything to disrupt election, as according to them it is nothing but a propaganda executing by the US.

Briefing newsmen on Monday in Kabul, IEC Head Gulajan Abdul Bade Sayyad said elections has Islamic principles, thus all the Afghan masses must exercise their democratic rights of voting, and widely take part in national process.

“Islam promulgated voting in the 6th century where people were used to elect their leader by announcing allegiance to him, which is exactly a process of election,” he said.

Brushing off Taliban’s allegation, Sayyad said, “We know our religion better; our religious scholars have immensely protected the right of voting by rendering huge sacrifices.”

No one should come to the fore to teach us our religion principle, the IEC head told reporters, referring to the Taliban’s allegation of none-Islamic and US-designated elections.

There is no other way but to conduct the process of elections in a bid to put a halt to the current miseries as Afghanistan went through coups, wars and destruction in the past decades.

Moreover, he called on religious scholars to spread public awareness on elections from its perspective of Islamic rule and regulations.

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