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Election result not acceptable: Presidential candidates

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KABUL: The Presidential Candidates Council (PCC) has announced that it would not accept the results of the election, saying that the electoral commissioners committed fraud should be prosecuted.

Speaking to a news conference in Kabul, Ahmad Wali Masoud, a member of the council called the current process of election unacceptable, saying that there are domestic and foreign elements have engaged in the election and that the process has been mislead from its origin path.  

“The government has bought some people in the commission,” he added.

Referring to the appointing process of the electoral commissioners, he said the commissioners were selected by the candidates but they have not been able to prevent corruption in the commissions.

He demanded for the prosecution of the electoral commissioners.

Shohabuddin Hakimi, another member of the council said that they have made a new plan for overcoming the ongoing tensions in the election.

“The Council wants to form a government under its management to continue the peace and election process,” he added.

The Presidential election was held on September 28th. Due to ongoing dispute and tension among the candidates and IEC, the results are yet to be announced.

Earlier, a number of candidates have accused foreigners of interfering in the commissions.

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