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Electoral fraud videos to be probed

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KABUL: The Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) says they have received “hundreds” of complaints regarding frauds in Saturday’s presidential elections, vowing to inspect all of them.

The commission said on Sunday that the initial number of complaints was estimated 2,275. The complaints, according to the commission, would be categorized as “violation, infraction and crime”.

Some videos showing boxes filled with counterfeited ballots in favor of a certain presidential candidates, but the persons filling the boxes are not visible.

The videos show that people busy in filling fake ballots, have access to all electoral sources including the biometrics instruments.

Qasem Elyasi, Spokesman of the IECC, said that an investigation was going on.

“I would like to assure people that such counterfeited votes will not be counted,” Elyasi said.

He added that only the “credible and acceptable” votes with special code of the biometrics system and the voters’ photos would be credible.

“The IECC is an electoral tribunal and is responsible for probing electoral complaints.”

The electoral compliant commission adopted multi-rounded process of election to prevent fraud that was the major concern for some candidates. The voter’s fingerprint, photo and ID card copy are taken and saved by the biometrics system. The system identifies people who try to vote for the second time and ignore.

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