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Electronic ID card office soon

AT-KABUL: Official at Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA) has informed on Tuesday about opening of an Electronic National Identity Card (e-NIC) distribution center in Kabul, the capital city, in the upcoming days.

In the face of rift between the leaders of the National Unity Government over distribution of electronic ID cards, the ACCRA has said the body is going to escalate the process across the country.

“It is time-consuming to cover all the provinces, but we are committed to hasten roll-out process nationwide,” e-NIC spokesman, Rohullah Ahmadzai said.

This speed up is coming at when a high-ranking official of the NUG, Abdullah Abdullah opposed to participate in the process.

According to the CEO Abdullah, the process was needed more discussion in order to convince all the people. Last week during a press conference he termed e-NICs system illegitimate that has no backing from the Afghan masses.

Moreover, there are conflicting agreements on the issue, while some come up to the fore with its support, while others opposed it.

Some lawmakers at the Wolesi Jirga, or lower of the parliament supported the roll-out process while some others said that it will create division among the ethnic group if consensus not reached in the aspect.

“Please do not divide us because of your selfishness, people are equal and they live like brothers, we call on government to stop the delivery of ID cards,” said MP Zaheer Saadat.

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