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Eliminating Daesh

Daesh, also known as Islamic State, controls around a third of Syria and Iraq. The terrorist group has displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East. It has also destroyed historical sites, beheaded people and slaved young girls and children. Daesh evil tentacles in Afghanistan are seen in eastern Nangarhar, southern Zabul, Helmand and southwestern Farah provinces. The fanatical terror group is searching for potential fighters in Ghazni, Logar and Kunar provinces. As per estimates, there are 3,000 Daesh fighters in the country, mostly in Nangarhar. However, it has given tough time to the Taliban militants. The group is chasing Taliban leaders in Pakistan as well. On Monday it claimed responsibility for the attack on an Afghan Taliban leader, who was said to be a teacher in a seminary in Peshawar. In an IED attack on Sunday, the Taliban leader and his guard were injured.

The terrorist group with its roots in the Middle East has become a serious threat for the government and people of Afghanistan. It had made lives of residents miserable in different districts of Nangarhar. Tired of the brutalities, the locals supported by an influential lawmaker had taken up weapons to fight Daesh. Not long ago, they beheaded four Daesh fighters in a tit for tat response. Situation was getting out of control, but the government launched military operations to appease the locals. The government has been severely criticized for not launching the counter-Daesh operations on time. We often look at one side of the coin and ignore the other. Daesh emerged at a time that the US-led coalition forces were about to end their combat operation in December 2014. Considering it an opportunity, the Taliban launched large-scale attacks in different areas of the country to topple the government and announce its victory.

Fortunately, dreams and hopes of the militant group were shattered to the ground after facing humiliation at every battle. But, the Taliban has not ceased anti-state activities. Thus, the focus of the government was to eliminate them first. Hope that Daesh would be eliminated completely and soon. The grave has been dug for Daesh. The time has arrived to bury it. President Ashraf Ghani’s policy in this regard is worth appreciating. Talking to BBC, the president rightly pointed out that people want to take revenge and get rid of the terror outfit. The government has edge over Daesh because residents of Nangarhar are ready to be part of the battle and defeat the fanatic terror group. The president should take advantage of this and accelerate the pace of counter-Daesh offensives.

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