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End soft policy toward militants: Senators

AT-KABUL: Following the recent twin bombings in capital Kabul that has been martyred nearly 30 people, including nine journalists, and wounded 49 others, a number of senators called on the government to put a halt to its soft policy toward militants who are hell-bent on killing civilians, civil society members, journalists, and etc…

In a two suicide bombings on Monday in Shashdarak vicinity which is a diplomatic area in Police District two of Kabul city, have martyred and wounded dozens of people, including members from media family.

Condemning the terrorist attack in strongest possible term, the senators called for a tougher approach against the forces of evil.

A number of senators in their Tuesday’s session of Upper House of parliament have been sought for hard-hitting policy against militants, calling on the government to stop its flexible way of engagement with them. They also demanded execution of plotters who have been highly involved in martyring Afghan masses.

Senator Baz Muhammad Zarbati putted the Monday target against journalist unprecedented in the history of the world. “We urge the government to execute the perpetrators whether they are Taliban or Daesh extremist groups.”

“What was their crime—for what sins they were killed—they were journalist simply doing their job,” another Senator Maheyouddin Monsef said, adding the judicial institutions should address the cases and punish the perpetrators.

Security officials were also questioned over their failure in maintaining security, terming the current security vacuum unacceptable.

“With at hand security system, our people are being killed day by day,” Hasem Alokzay, the head of Senate internal security committee added, saying the Afghans not satisfied with security situation.

At the end, the senators called upon the government to come up to the fore with more security measure in order to ensure safety of the people.

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