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Enemies of education

Law and order situation in different parts of the country is beyond argument because the militants are targeting civilian and military facilities in major cities. Fall of Garmsir district of Helmand, Want Waigal district of Nuristan, and Khanabad district of Kunduz to the Taliban in the last one month are worrying signs. The security forces, backed by the NATO’s Resolute Support mission had showed progress in retaking these districts. However, the fall of such important districts to the militant group had eroded public trust over the government. The policymakers may claim that they have policy to improve security situation but it would not be worth buying because in the presence of security mechanism or strategies, law and order cannot deteriorate so rapidly.

In a country where illiteracy rate is over 60 percent, attacks on students and teachers as well as closure of schools should be a matter of grave concern for the government. It is shocking that the nation-builders are under attack while the government is throwing only statements to public on security improvement. Insurgency has entered into the capital city without being noticed by the unknown policymakers and known officials. Last month, a deadly blast at peaceful demonstration in Kabul killed 80 and wounded 230 another. After that several explosions rocked the city. The President vowed to take revenge. The government was successful in defeating Daesh in Bati Kot district of eastern Nangarhar province as the blast at the march was claimed by Daesh. Although, the notorious terrorist group has presence in a few other districts of Nangarhar, but the government deserves to be appreciated for the Bati Kot operation.

The high-ups should be criticized when they hurt public sentiments. At the same time they should be appreciated for their productive policies. Unfortunately, such policies are rare to see. Attack on the American University of Afghanistan on Wednesday in the heart of the country, Kabul City, is a reminder that education is under attack. Some elements both inside and outside the country do not want to see Afghans well-educated. Education is best weapon to fight extremism. Anti-Afghanistan elements know that educated people fight ideologies with ideologies and ideas with ideas. They do not go to battlefield but they fight extremism brilliantly because they know that “pen is mightier than sword”.

As the number of educated young people is less than compared to the neighboring countries, therefore, the concerned authorities should provide a safe and secure environment to the teachers and students. A security strategy shall be devised to ensure safety of the nation-builders and educators.



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