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Escalating violence in Afghanistan

By Tamim Armin

Amidst pulling US troops out of Afghanistan, escalating violent/terror acts in this war-devastated country is a serious question for US led allies including regional and neighboring countries. Reports from Afghanistan reveal that due to one or the other, the Taliban militants are focusing on targeted violent terror acts, especially bomb explosions. The recent trend of small magnetic bombs has made uncertain almost of the civilians. This trend is also affecting the performances of security forces. Whatever might be their point of view, but such target violent acts against occupants of passenger buses and other vehicles, badly affecting image of Taliban militants. Not only common men but even religious minded people are unhappy with such acts. As a result now highly educated and learned religious scholars and Ulema are now opening mouths against these militants. Through one or the other ways, especially with media support Taliban are not only “mum” over these deadly violent acts but they never ever denounced it. Even with each passing day, these Taliban militants are exploiting the situation by demanding removal of government and transfer of power to them.  No one can neglect the fact that no other than US and its allies including those Islamic countries loyal or helpless to Saudi Arab+ Pakistan are responsible for the over four decades conflict in Afghanistan. This conflict caused lives to millions of people and destruction of almost infrastructure in Afghanistan. The imposed war has reshuffled the socio-politico structure, thus forcing the one-time ruling class to either fled or remain like second class citizens. Besides others the imposed war lead to generating and strengthening of extremism and terrorism trends which is now become a serious threat to peace and stability throughout the world. Still certain particular countries and its spy masters are making their best fir continuation of violence, terror and hostilities in Afghanistan. And for the purpose they through one or the other ways, are insisting on continuation of Talibanisation from the soil of Afghanistan. In particular position of Pakistan is different at this crucial stage. Some of its circles believe to be a from a particular mind set, introduced by ex-military dictator Zia Ul Haq and his loyal spy masters, are proud of exploiting very well the situation in Afghanistan. But they are ignoring the ground reality, that is Pakistan’s image badly affected by extremism and terrorism trends. At once Pakistan was compulsion of US led allies but now the situation is different. New strategic-economic alliances are taking place and Pakistan needs to be its important part, which is possible through its due role in restoration of peace and stability in the region. And without a peaceful and stable no one could ensure end of extremism and terrorism in the region. Most recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan along with President Dr. Arif Alvi reaffirmed stance for a positive role in return of peace and stability in Afghanistan. Khan may be is honest in his policy towards Afghanistan but its black and white that the Pakistani government is controlled by the military and its intelligence agency of ISI that are involved in sabotaging the efforts aimed at ending violence in Afghanistan. It is time for Pakistan to demonstrate in practice is due role in settling of the long standing conflict in Afghanistan, otherwise further fuelling of violence and return of Taliban could be very harmful to its (Pakistan) interests. Earlier in mid 90’s Taliban were wholly solely depending in Pakistan but now they are under influence of several other countries and spy agencies from all over the world. Fuelling of violence at this crucial stage, especially the crises erupted with COVID-19 and other new reshuffling of global and regional alliances might be very harmful for the very interests of Pakistan.

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