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EU Calls for End to ‘Afghan Killings’

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KABUL: The increased cases of violence and targeted killings of Afghans particularly civilians have concerned the European Union, who call for immediate stop of the “killings of Afghans”.

“If some parties don’t like the term ‘ceasefire’, call it truce, cessation of hostilities, moratorium, silent period. Whatever the semantics until its stops rivers of Afghan blood,” Roland Kobia, the EU Special Representative in Afghanistan twitted on Sunday. “You have an opportunity with the new US administration to show you really want peace.”

Meanwhile, the US acting ambassador to Kabul Ross Wilson said his country expected the resume of the second round of peace talks.

President Ghani had earlier claimed that Taliban fear cease fire, accusing the militants of continuing violence.

But Taliban claim they have reduced violence under the US peace deal.

“This is clear to all. The attacks on military and intelligence centers have stopped since the Islamic Emirate and the United States signed the peace agreement. The fall of provinces has stopped and attacks on districts have also stopped since then,” Mohammad Naeem, Taliban’s political spokesman said Sunday.

“But unfortunately, the mujahidin (Taliban fighters) came under bombardments after that and night raids are carried out. There was a conspiracy to make the situation critical and it was done. Thus, the mujahidin only defend themselves.”

The new US administration have called for a review in the deal signed by diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban’s deputy leader Mullah Baradar on February 28 last year in Qatar.

Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security advisor, said Washington assesses meticulously the level of implementation of Taliban’s commitments to the deal.

John Kirby, Spokesman of the Pentagon, claimed that Taliban did not do enough in reducing violence and cutting ties with al-Qaeda.

A Taliban Official Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanakzai, says that they would agree on cease fire whenever President Ghani steps down.

But Ghani calls himself as the hero of peace, saying he would not support an interim administration because Afghans have bitter memories of short-term governments.

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