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EU calls on electoral bodies to stay impartial

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KABUL: The European Union (EU)has called on the Afghan electoral bodies to keep their impartiality regarding announcing of the presidential election’s results.

On 28th September, Afghans approached polling stations across Afghanistan and according to Independent Election Commission, so far two million people counted to have casted their vote out of 9.6 million registered to vote.

“The legitimacy of the final results will now be linked to the ability of the Afghan electoral management bodies tofulfill their mandate impartially, efficiently and transparently,” said the EU in a statement.

The statement furthermore asked the candidates to refrain themselves from pre-announcing theresults and wait for the independent election commission to announce thepreliminary and final results of the election.

“The European Union remains committed to supporting the Afghan constitutional order and the electoral process as a way to ensure institutional continuity and legitimacy of Afghanistan’s political institutions, “added the statement.

Meanwhile, the Union has praised Afghans for participatingin the voting process despite massive threats across the country.

“Our thoughts are with the families of those killed and with those who were injured in attacks that attempted to dissuade voters through violence,” said the statement.

The statement said the EU would maintain supporting Afghanistan in peace, stability and development process.   

The Afghan presidential election was held on Saturday amid chaotic and hectic condition in the country. On the other hand, the US embassy in Kabul also has called on the candidates to be calm and committed to the electoral law.  

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