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EU says will boycott Taliban if they gain power by force

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KABUL: If the Taliban rise to power by force, the European Union and other countries will not recognize their regime.

 “I do not think it will be as easy for the Taliban to come to power as others think,” said Thomas Nicholson, head of the European Union delegation to Afghanistan.

“If Taliban rise to power militarily, the European Union will not recognize them,” he said.

Nicholson expressed concern about the security situation, saying that warring parties needed to show flexibility to end the war.

“We are clearly very concerned about the situation. We are trying to stay involved in Afghanistan as much as possible and will continue our development assistance. We will be involved politically as well,” he added.

He said the Taliban had no proposals at the negotiating table and it was unclear what they wanted. He said the Taliban thought it could militarily gain more ground in peace talks.

The Taliban have not really put a clear proposal on the table what they want, and that is part of the negotiation and it is an important thing for the next step,” said Nicholson. “If they put the plan of the Islamic Emirate on the table in the 1990s or any plan that is the Islamic Emirate, no, it will not be acceptable.”

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