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Europe continues active missions in Afghanistan post-troop withdrawal

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KABUL: The European Union will continue assistance and activities in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops, European envoy said.

Thomas Nicholson, the European Union envoy to Afghanistan made the remarks in the Europe Parliament.

“While the forces are exiting, our intention is to stay,” he said. “Our mission has not changed, our pledges with the people of Afghanistan has not changed but the situation changed and we have to adjust ourselves to the alternatives to continued the interactions and fulfilling our commitments.”

The remarks of the top European Official comes ahead of a meeting of the foreign ministers of NATO countries scheduled for today (Tuesday) in Brussels. The foreign ministers would also discuss issues related to Afghanistan.

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg last week told a press conference that NATO would continue its support to Afghanistan. The NATO support included training and advising security forces as well as facilitating peace efforts.

Following the announcement of U.S. President Joe Biden on American troop pullout from Afghanistan, the NATO military organization also decided to exit forces but expressed readiness to provide financial support and keep diplomatic missions active in Kabul.

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