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Europe-US envoys support peace in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The United Kingdom has hosted a meeting of Special Envoys from Europe and the US in support of peace in Afghanistan, where Afghan acting finance minister Mohammad Qayoumi who briefed them on the Afghan government’s economic program.

Gareth Bayley, the UK’s Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, convened a meeting in London of Special Envoys from the US and Europe to discuss peace in Afghanistan

Special Envoys of the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Norway and the European Union met in London on 23 April 2019, said Gov.UK in a statement on Wednesday.

Respectful of the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, participants discussed the Afghan people’s desire for a lasting peace. A comprehensive political settlement is the only solution. To that end, participants reiterated their strong conviction that the future of Afghanistan is for Afghans to decide.

“A return to practices from an earlier period that rolls back progress will invite international isolation of Afghanistan. Participants do not believe that the majority of the Afghan people desire that outcome, the statement added.

Underscored that there can be no sustainable peace without an agreement between Afghans. This requires inclusive dialogue between the Taliban, Afghan government, and other Afghans that leads to intra-Afghan negotiations.

They reaffirmed that intra-Afghan negotiations should begin as soon as possible, with the goal of reaching an agreement on a political roadmap for Afghanistan’s future.

They urged all sides to take immediate steps to reduce violence and end the killing. “The Afghan people deserve and want an end to violence. Calls for more fighting will not advance peace efforts, and will instead yield only more suffering and destruction.”

Stand with Afghanistan’s security forces in the fight against international terrorism, they called on the Taliban to cut ties to Al-Qaeda, and other international terrorist groups, and to take concrete steps to ensure Al Qaeda, Daesh and other international terrorists do not use Afghan soil to threaten or attack any other country.

They also stressed the importance of fighting illegal drug production and trafficking, and urge all sides to eliminate the drug threat in Afghanistan.

Reaffirmed their commitment to provide long-term support for implementation of any peace agreement that protects the rights of all Afghan women, men, children and minorities, responds to the Afghans’ strong desire to sustain the economic, social, and development gains they have achieved since 2001, and is consistent with their counter terrorism interests.

At the end they encouraged all concerned countries to support the Afghan people and contribute to a lasting peace settlement in the interest of all.

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