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Ex-Canadian envoy; To stabilize Afghanistan, allies must counter Pakistan

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KABUL: Pakistan must be countered with imposition of crippling sanctions in order to bring peace to Afghanistan and stabilize the country, said former Canadian ambassador to Kabul Chris Alexander.

Canada’s ex-envoy had made similar remarks in the past, accusing Pakistan of waging proxy war in Afghanistan calling for an end to Islamabad’s Taliban sponsorship.

He tweeted on Monday, saying that Pakistan was “the root of Afghanistan’s problems” and that peace in Afghanistan would not be achieved unless Pakistan faced sanctions.

According to Sputnik, Chris Alexander said that stability will be restored in Afghanistan only with the support of the US Air Forces and the imposition of sanctions on Pakistan.

He stressed that otherwise the war in Afghanistan would continue.

Alexander has repeatedly called Pakistan a key factor in war in Afghanistan, stressing that it will not end its interference in the country unless it is subject to severe international sanctions.

“It’s time to put an end to this hypocrisy,” he said, using the hashtag “Sanction Pakistan”.

The former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan has said that although the world insists there is no military solution in Afghanistan, he ignores the escalation of Pakistan’s proxy war there.

This is as violence in Afghanistan continues to rise despite the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.

Recently, President Ghani also stated that Pakistan has directly supported the Taliban and has sent 10,000 fighters to Afghanistan in the last two months alone.

After the Taliban took control of Spin Boldak district and its volatile border crossing in recent weeks, situation has been tense in Kandahar.

Videos have also been doing rounds in the social media, showing Pakistani militias sneaking into Afghanistan in the guise of the Taliban.

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