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Ex-general says U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq killed thousands

A U.S. army ex-general has made a shocking revelation about the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which he admitted have killed thousands of innocent people.

In an article in Asia Times newspaper, former U.S. general William Estore said that the U.S. army in Afghanistan and Iraq has failed and that leaders of the United States never admit that failure fearing that their reputations will be blemished in the history and they continue to invest in the wars.

The ex-general asserted that war and violence are chiseled in the creed of Americans and American presidents raise the spirits of their troops to fight their futile wars by touting them as freedom fighters.

The United States remains stuck in strategic limbo in Afghanistan. No matter how many allied forces deploy to Afghanistan, there is no victory to be had on the battlefield. But Afghanistan is where the 9/11 attacks were planned. This is a fact that imprisons US presidents and policymakers – imagine being the president who withdrew US troops from Afghanistan, only to then suffer another terrorist attack on US soil planned in Afghanistan. There is no good option.

While the US and its allies continue to send young men and women to fight and die, certain facts remain constant: the Taliban are not going anywhere. Terrorists are not going anywhere – 17 years later, the Islamic State has joined al-Qaida as a threat. The Afghan state will not achieve a level of “stability” that will put American policymakers at ease in the foreseeable future. Pakistan will not change its two-sided policy of working with the US in Afghanistan with one hand while quietly enabling the Taliban with the other.

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