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Hamid Karzai’s remarks in peace conference

Peace process must be Afghan-owned

Regional major countries—China, Russia, India should involve in peace parleys

US, Pakistan deal on Afghan peace unacceptable

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KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai believes that the 1990s peace accord in Cambodia could be a good inspiration for Afghanistan, in which the United States, China and other major powers were engaged.

“Afghans are not willing a deal between the US and other countries on the peace process of their country and don not want to play a guest either,” Karzai said Friday.

According to the former president, the role of the Unites States and Pakistan is vital in the Afghan peace process, just as these two states have their roles in the war of Afghanistan.

Karzai said Afghanistan seeks for friendly relationships with neighboring states and the world, and wants a peace in which there was no chance for extremist groups to rise and nobody should support terrorist groups.

The former president who was speaking at a conference held in Kabul titled ‘Afghanistan Before, During, and After Peace’, said that he was against deal with the United States and some neighboring nations over peace, warning to stand against such deals.

He said Washington and Islamabad could play good roles in the Afghan peace, but urged the process should be Afghan-owned.

He said the ongoing peace process should be out of regional and major powers’ confrontations and should attract cooperation from these powers.

Karzai said that the Cambodia peace accord could be a good example for Afghanistan. The Cambodia peace accord was gained in October 1991 under the United Nations with the help of the US, Soviet Union and China.

The accord’s basic points are prevention of foreign infiltration in the country’s affairs, holding a nationwide election without foreign meddling, keeping the country’s non-alignment in military treaties and unions, non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs, cancelation of all agreements and deals opposing national sovereignty and independence, not letting foreign military bases and not letting Cambodia soil to be used against other countries.

The United States, Russia and China have begun a meeting over Afghan peace in Beijing, which also hosts Pakistan representatives.

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