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Amrullah Saleh (ehem. Leiter des National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan)

Ex-spy chief accuses ARG of discrimination, power monopoly

Former head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) Amrullah Saleh on Sunday accused the Presidential Palace (ARG) of nepotism, power monopoly and racism, saying the slogans chanted by government were biased and that all affairs are tackled based on ethnicity and linguistic issues.

Saleh alleged that the appointments in the leadership ranks of the security forces are not carried out based on merit and that only uneducated people are provided the opportunity to occupy the government posts.

The remarks were made during TOLOnews’ Black and White program which was broadcasted live on Sunday evening.

“Three or four days ago, German foreign minister arrived here. You saw the photo that was published by ARG (Presidential Palace). They have placed deputy minister of foreign affairs on the fourth row, but placed Mr. Salam Rahimi and Jalali in the front row who are both ambassadors. Except the ethnic and party issues, which system allows you to insult your deputy foreign minister?” Saleh asked.

Saleh said most of government employees are appointed based on their relations within the circles which are close to the president.

“For instance, they told that Ahmad will be the commander of that base, but I said that Mr. president I have suggested this person to be admitted to mental hospital, because he is mental. The president replied that you signed it, then president asked his minister of defense that what is he saying, then defense minister showed the paper with my signature. It was revealed that my signature had been forged. My office only 200 meters away from the office of the president. After that the president said that he wants to know about this corrupt person in a day, the corrupt person was identified, but action was not taken against them and the mental man was assigned as the commander” added Saleh, referring to the appointment of a security official when he was a government minister in the incumbent government.

In response to Saleh’s remarks, Mohammad Akram Khpolwak, a close aide to President Ghani and his senior advisor, said there are shortcomings in the appointment process of cadres in the ranks of the security forces, but he rejected the allegations against government for committing nepotism and discrimination.

“You imagine the structure of the cabinet and compare it with Mr. Karzai’s cabinet and see which ethnicity’s share has been decreased. You see all appointments in the political level especially the first and second grade posts, if someone is ready please see it and predict that where discrimination has taken place and against which particular ethnicity?” Khpolwak stated.

Ghani after assuming office as president pledged that he will not tolerate discrimination and ethnic issues in this administration.

Saleh’s statement come few days after the government announced that it has finalized the law on the elimination of all forms of discrimination. Critics say if there is credibility in Saleh’s remarks, then chanting the slogan of nationalism by government and making anti-discrimination law is only to mislead the minds of the people.

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