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Ex-spy chief criticizes Ghani for releasing ‘Pakistani terrorists’

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KABUL: Former Spy Chief, Rahmatullah Nabil has voiced criticism of President Ashraf Ghani’s decision to set free Pakistani terrorists.

Nabil believes the incumbent President Ghani will pose more problems for Afghanistan.

“Unfortunately, besides the Taliban, Ashraf Ghani’s efforts to stay in power have also caused more problems for Afghanistan, not less! I won’t be surprised if/when Aslam Farooqi and 100s of Pakistani terrorists who killed 100s of our compatriots will be released by Ghani in order to placate the ISI,” Nabil said in a tweet on Monday.

The decision to let go of the Pakistani terrorists was made days after the Pakistan Premier Imran Khan’s visit to Kabul. The government of Afghanistan and Pakistan signed an agreement which laid out bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

President Ghani in a decree pardoned those Pakistani prisoners whose remaining jail-term is up to one month.

This likely comes as a goodwill gesture and after Afghanistan and Pakistan signed an agreement of shared vision for peace in the both countries.   

But there are high concerns as Pakistan has always played a dual policy towards Afghanistan.

After the arrest of a senior IS-K or so-called Daesh, Aslam Faroqi by the Afghan National Directorate of Security, Islamabad has demanded the Afghan government to hand him over to Pakistan. In April, the Pakistan foreign ministry summoned the Afghan official to convey Pakistan’s “views with regard to the arrest of ISIS-K leader, Aslam Farooqi.” 

The government of Afghanistan then denied Pakistan’s demand of handing it over Farooqi, who is said to be behind massive attacks in Afghanistan.

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