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Experts support political powers’ demand for transparent vote

AT News Report-KABUL: Afghan political pundits supported on Saturdaya two-week deadline issued by political parties on the government to ensure a transparent and nationwide vote.

Political parties and coalitions on Friday gave the government until two weeks to implement electoral reforms and guarantee transparency in the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections. In a declaration, they askedthe government to make biometric the voting system and bring reforms to the electoral system as per recommendations of the political parties and movements.

Political Expert Mohammad Nateqi, while supporting political parties demand, said that I am aware that the parties submitted the drafts regarding biometric system of voting and other reforms in electoral system to the government, Independent Election Commission (IEC), related national and international organs four months ago in order to ensure transparency in coming election.

He said that the accordance to political and technical view the party recommendations regarding election are operational, but government is neglecting.

He said that there are possibilities to respond positively to the demand of parties, but there is no political intention in the government.

IEC is an impressionable body likely working under government, which won’t follow the demands, he added.

Pointing to issue of fake Tazkera and Stickers, he said that if the government not follows the demands of parties, we will be witnessed of election full of fraud.

Advisor for Ex-President Hamid Karzai Shahzada Masoud said that transparency in election is demand of all nation, thus we support any call for free and fair election.

He said that the political parties demand is people demand and it would pave the ground for running free, fair and nationwide election.

He insisted that government must bring reforms as well as take steps to keep away coming election from internal and external interference.

Kunduz Female Representative in Wolesi Jirga Fatema Aziz, while welcoming Parties demand regarding biometric system, said that I hope the parties’recommended to the government and IEC earlier to make the voting system biometric.

She said that biometric system will avoid fraud, but now it is late to go to biometric system.

In order to have better election political parties must boost up their monitoring in order to prevent governmental and nongovernmental figures interference in election and pave ground.

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