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Explosive-laden Pakistani lorry seized at Torkham

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Afghan border police on Sunday seized a Pakistani lorry laden with 10 tones of explosive materials at Torkham crossing point with Pakistan, reported by 1TV News. The explosive materials were composed of ammonium nitrate and ingredients of improvised explosives.

“The explosives were hidden in 200 bags in a lorry which was destined for Ghani Kheil district of eastern Nangarhar province,” Mohammad Ayoub Hussain Kheil, the border police chief for eastern zone said.

He added that the driver of the lorry was a Pakistan national who has been detained by the police forces in connection with the smuggling of explosives.

During initial investigations, the driver has confessed that the truck was loaded by Pakistan militia force, he disclosed.

Prior to this Afghan security forces have severally seized Pakistani trucks carrying explosives from Pakistan in a bid to provide necessary support to the various terrorist outfits, shedding Afghan blood. Keeping in view the ground realities, Afghan officials repeatedly lodged complaints against Pakistan for supporting terrorist groups, including Pakistan-based notorious Haqqani network targeting Afghanistan with the sole purpose of destabilizing the country and undermining US-led NATO mission. However, Pakistan, instead of shunning the terror havens and starting crackdown against the terrorist outfits, roaming freely on its soil, gives birth to blame game by pretending as a victim of terror and accuses India for using Afghan soil for creating instability in Baluchistan where Baloch freedom movement is speaking louder. One cannot deny the sacred fact that Afghanistan being a frontline state in war on terror has been rendered highest level of sacrifices which continues and never allowed its soil to be used against any country.

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