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External, domestic issues behind ramp up insecurity: Rana Think Tank

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KABUL: Political pundits participated in Rana Think Tank monthly session, claiming that both external and internal issues such as interfering of foreigners, weak policy and low quality training of security forces are main factors behind ramp up insecurity across the country.

Experts believe that Afghanistan security was fragile since many years as recently it has been increased every hook and corny through the country. They explained that if we (Afghans) have a glance at the past four decades, in the first years of each regime security was better, but it gradually worsened from a point and expanded to all over the country and currently we are in a situation, where insecurity dominating every hook in the country.

Speaking at Rana Think Tank monthly session former Deputy Minister for Ministry of Interior (MoI) Mirza Mohammad Yarmand said that Afghanistan faced to a worse situation and internal and external issues are behind the ramp up insecurity across the country.

He said that both external and domestic issues jointly changed Afghanistan as the most insecurity country in the world.

He stated that some shortages are inside the country, which never was noticed seriously, adding that deficiency of laws, policies and strategies are one of the factors for fragile security situation throughout the country.

He highlighted that the laws and strategies, which are following in security sectors are belonged to 20th century, which cannot meet the 21st century requirements.  

Committing crimes and criminals technique has been changed and progressed, but our law and strategy is still so old, thus due to this reason crime happens and the criminal is not arresting, he noted.

The issue of following old law and strategy is not only in security sector, judiciary system also faced same situation, so if no attention draw to the aspect then solving challenges will be impossible, he asserted.

Pointing to the training of security forces, Mr. Yarmand said that training programs are providing with low quality to security forces.

He said that the training programs, which are running of security forces won’t meet current situation issues.

A curriculum must codify for security forces to pave the ground for security forces to learn how to be patriot as well as get enough training about modern military and intelligence issues, he insisted. 

While expressing concern, he said that still a big number of youth are going to neighboring countries for education, which out of mentioned youth a high percentage are using back against this country.

Pointing to madrasas (seminaries) and intelligence centers in neighboring countries, he said that Afghan youth are training against their countries in most of madrasas.

He said that till the Afghan refugees are not returned home and the Afghan youth are not provided with training opportunity in controlled centers inside the cottony insecurity issue won’t be solved.

Hinting to foreigners’ interference, Mr. Yarmand said that scarcity of enough educated figures, poverty and financial resources are main issue behind interfering of foreigners in Afghanistan issues.

Youths are not learning such lessons from schools, universities and madrasas to change them as a patriot Afghan, thus they are misusing by other countries against Afghanistan, he mentioned.

He said that such situation is fair for misusing of intelligence agencies, adding that foreign countries and intelligence agencies are using from this point and through interfering in domestic issues leading the country toward instability.

He claimed that cooperation of some Afghans with foreign intelligence agencies is another big reason for ramp up insecurity in the country.

Intelligence agencies are using tribal influential figures, parties, civil societies, elders, leaders, and other figures, he added.         

He said that unfortunately some Afghans are cooperating in every section with foreign intelligence agencies; otherwise it is impossible to the intelligence agencies are interfering so simply.

I have offered a comprehensive draft and plan for stability and security reinforcement in the country during my duty but foreigners did not accept and instead a weak draft of foreigners implemented, which lead Afghanistan to this situation.

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