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Extreme poverty continues to plague Afghanistan

Sold newborn reunited with family

A newborn sold due to extreme poverty has been reunited with her family in Bamyan. Six-week-old baby, unharmed, was returned to her mother days after she was sold for a meager $650.

After a report surfaced about selling of Zahra in Bamyan, says head of provincial women rights, a committee was formed to run an investigation and reunite the baby with its family.

The baby’s mother, Marzia, says she was losing her mind as Zahra was away. Zahra’s father, however, complains about poverty and joblessness. He asked charities and aid agencies to help him before he has to sell his baby again.

Afghanistan continues to struggle with unacceptably high rates of poverty and income inequality. There have been reports about selling infants in Bamyan province before. New Human Rights Commission data also reveal 60 percent of population in Bamyan are living in extreme poverty. And over 123 families are living in caves.

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