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Failure to establish inclusive government isolates the country


Kabul: The United Nations General Assembly, with a positive vote of 116 countries, approved a resolution on Afghanistan, in which the interim government of the Taliban is asked to remove restriction on girls education and form an inclusive government.

In the resolution, the countries of the world asked the Taliban to give Afghan women and girls the right to participate in all life matters. Countries expressed their concern regarding the current situation of women, especially the closure of girls’ schools, the economy and job opportunities.

While not supporting the UN resolution, China and Russia asked the United States of America to investigate the crimes committed by foreign forces in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly, German Ambassador to the United Nations Anthe Landertsy said, “This resolution is a clear call to respect, protect and observe human rights, form an inclusive government and fight terrorism.” “Without meeting the future issues, interaction with the Taliban is not possible and will not be recognized.”

Amir Saeed Iravani, Iran’s Representative in UN said that plural society like Afghanistan cannot be ruled by a single group or party. He said that ensuring the establishment of an inclusive government based on constitution is the main element for international recognition of Afghanistan’s future government.

Meanwhile, Nasir Ahmad Faiq, head of Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, said in this meeting that failure to form an inclusive and legitimate government in Afghanistan has made this country more isolated and far from the international community.

The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021 and imposed restrictions for the education and work of women and girls. Although the barriers to education for women and girls studying in university and up to the sixth grade were removed after some time, girls in middle and high school are still not allowed to study.

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