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Famous Pashto Academic Figure Suffers from Health Condition

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KABUL: A famous Pashto academic figure, Habibullah Rafi is in severe health condition as he is suffering from diabetes and is under treatment.
Rafi is considered the founder of Pashto folkloric literature.
“I am struggling with diabetes for more than one year. It has recently got worsened and I went for treatment to Islamabad,” he said.
He worked for at least 60 years as a researcher in several social sciences including history, folklore, literature.
Rafi, 76, works as an Associated-Professor with the Academy of Science of Afghanistan.
“My first and important piece of writing is named -Di Khalko Sandri- (Songs of People) which was praised by the people and is still being used by the people,” he said.
Rafi has received more than 30 certificates and many medals for his astonishing work of Pashto literature by many national and international organizations.
“At least it has been 20-year that I am working with Mr. Rafi. He is a great writer and publishes at least three books every year,” said Mohammad Nabi Tadbir, a colleague of Professor Rafi.
Instructor Rafi’s latest book is named “Asrarul Afghani” which is published in Dari.
He has four daughters and two sons.

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