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‘Farah will not collapse’: Taliban insurgents are pushing to capture Farah city after week-long clash

By Basir Qazizada-KABUL: There is conflicting words regarding western Farah province, some officials showed strong concern over it collapse to the Taliban insurgents, while security officials saying no such thing gone happen.

The fret among Farah residents is seems logical, but the province will not overrun by the militants, the provincial governor spokesman Naser Mehir told Afghanistan Times on Friday.

“Last year, the Taliban militants were very close to provincial capital—Farah City, but faced utterly defeat.”

He added, “We understand the worry of the residents, last year a lot of them were displaced. They went to Herat and Nimroz provinces.”

As part of their failure in last year, now the Taliban insurgent will do everything under their capacity to gain control of the province, Mehri said, assuring the residents that the militants can’t overrun the province.

Moreover, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that everything is under control.

“In the past one week, the Afghan security forces killed more than 55 Taliban insurgents, and wounded 31 others in separate crackdowns against the militants,” MoD Deputy Spokesman, Mohammad Radmanish said.

“The Taliban insurgents already received tooth-breaking response. The province will not collapse”

He furthered that during operation, two vehicles of the Taliban insurgents with full of explosives were destroyed. Some weapons and motorcycles belonging to the terrorist group were also sized.

However, the provincial council members reported that the Taliban insurgents are pushing to capture Farah City after a week of clashes with the security forces.

They also reported casualties of the Afghan security forces by the Taliban.

Currently the security situation in Farah is much worse than any other region in the country, Khair Mohammad Noorzai, a member of provincial council said, adding fighting rages only two kilometers from Farah city.

Five to ten security forces are being martyred by the Taliban insurgents every night, he claimed, adding the militants also seize their equipments.

He blamed government for not taking any immediate action to resolve the issue.

“The Taliban insurgents infiltrated some key regions of Farah city,” a civil society activist in Farah, Humayoun Shaheedzada said.

According to him, the government has control on key government compounds.

He asserted that Taliban insurgents have gained control of all other areas around Farah city, something in contradictory to the MoD.

A female member of Wolesi Jirga, representing Farah province in Parliament called on the government to take immediate action to tackle current uncertainty in the province.

“The government must keep in mind that the Taliban insurgents have already taken some areas in the province.”

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