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Farkhunda laid to rest amidst criticism; President appoints fact-finding team

AT-KABUL: Amidst criticism and slogans against violation of women’s right and what was called inhuman act, the 27-year-old Farkhunda was laid to rest in Kabul on Sunday.

Farkhunda was an instructor who taught the Holy Quran for children. She was lynched by an angry mob for allegedly burning a copy of the Holy Qura’an, near Shah Do Shamshira Mosque in Kabul the other day.

Hundreds of people including lawmakers, women’s rights activists, religious scholars and journalists attended her burying ceremony. For the first time in history, women took her coffin to the graveyard challenging male dominance and the extreme layer of ignorance, prevalent in the society that only breeds intolerance.

Participants of the funeral ceremony did not allow Dr. Ayaz Niazi, a renowned religious scholar at Wazir Akbar Khan Mosque, to take part in the ceremony as he had reportedly justified Farkhunda’s killing and supported the act by angry civilians during Friday sermon.

However, Dr. Niyazi posted a video in his Facebook page and said his speeches were misunderstood.

Female lawmaker, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, condemned Farkhunda’s death in strongest possible words, and said that she (Farkhunda) was martyred.

She said such acts were inhuman and the government should punish the perpetrators.

President Ashraf Ghani, ahead of leaving for the US, assigned a probe team to investigate the incident.

The incident earned huge criticism from Afghans inside and outside the country after the footages that showed Farkhunda being beaten harshly went viral on social media.

TOLONews quoted Farkhunda’s family as saying that she went to a talismans writer to stop him from deceiving people by writing false Tawiz or talisman, a folded piece of paper containing the verses of Quran.‎

But the talismans writer in order to save his job and life reportedly began shouting and calling on people that the girl burnt the copy of Qur’an.

The practice of talisman writing is common in Afghanistan as the people wear it with a belief that it will remove any evil or affliction put on them through black magic, keep them safe and also bring them good luck.

The Interior Ministry said that at least 11 people were arrested so far including those who posted their photos on social media. Moreover, the ministry fired 13 cops for reluctance in overcoming the incident.

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