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Faryab Residents GO TO POLLS TO ELECT GOVERNOR, reject laghmani

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KABUL: The Deputy of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Enayatullah Babur Farahmand said that the residents of the northern Faryab province held an election to choose provincial governor.

Farahmand twitted that the election was set to be held on Sunday.

Residents of Faryab rejected Dawood Laghmani who was appointed by President Ghani as new governor for the northwestern province.

“The protestors in Faryab are preparing to hold election on their governors,” he added. “Based on the decision of the high council of people in Faryab, representatives, civil rights, Ulema, women, parties, youths and provincial councils, four nominees are offered to the presidency for approval.”

This comes as protest in Faryab over governor’s appointment entered day 9 after the government replaced former governor Naqibullah Fayeq with Dawood Laghmani. Tens of protestors came out on the streets of the provincial capital city of Maymana, to protest Laghmani’s appointment with blocking the streets for traffic and shutting the governor’s office. The new governor introduced in a military compound after the residents staged rallies on the provincial capital city to prevent Laghmani from going to office.

Farahmand earlier accused the government of trying to harm the “merely peace” of Faryab. He said that the government launched “a cold war in north of Afghanistan.”

The Hezb-e- Junbish- Mili, a political party led by Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum criticized the appointment of Daud Laghmani as governor for Faryab. In a telephonic message recently leaked to the media, Dostum ordered his followers to shoot the new governor.

 A member of the Junbish-e-Mili, Atta Mohmmad Faizi said that the government has been trying to embolden the Taliban in the province. “Daued Laghmani is from Laghman. He has links with the Taliban and the government wants to submit us to the Taliban,” he added.

The protestors said that they would prolong demonstration unless the government met their wishes.Some political pundits vow that the current situation seriously needs national consensus and that the support of the people should be considered highly imported.

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