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FATA elders reject fencing Durand Line

By Imtiaz Waziri-KABUL: A huge gathering of Pashtun elders and youth, living on both sides of Durand line was held on Sunday at Kabul, where they unanimously rejected fencing the Durand Line unilaterally by Pakistan.

The gathering was attended by more than 300 elders and youth belonging to Wazir, Mehsood, Momand, Afridi, Shinwari, Mamond, Salarzai, Mengal, Zazai, Khugyani and Meshwani tribes respectively from North Waziristan, South Waziristan, Khyber Agency, Kurram Agency, Momand Agency, Bajaur Agency and Orakzai Agency.

While addressing to the participants of the gathering, all the speakers strongly condemned and rejected fencing the Durand Line and establishing military installations by Pakistan. The speakers said the gathering being held at Kabul is aimed at attracting the humanitarian and favorable attention of the international community against the inhuman barbarism of Pakistan, conducting Pashtun genocide in FATA and providing safe sanctuaries to national and international terrorist outfits including the notorious Haqqani Network, roaming freely in various parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Islamabad, southern Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan.

The FATA elders in a statement declared denial to the recognition of the so-called Durand Line, fencing and establishing military installations along the Line, adding if Pakistan is sincere in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then it must have to shun the plenty of safe havens and breeding nurseries of terrorist outfits, functioning as its strategic assets in various parts of the Pakistan.

According to the statement, Pakistan had carried out many military operations in all regions of FATA, but unfortunately resulted in more power and strength to terrorist groups which are an immense indication of Pakistan’s failure and double game in war on terror in FATA. “That’s why there is a serious need to take war footed notice of the pro-terror policies of Pakistan and as well withdraw and replace the Pakistani administration from FATA by installation of United Nations-led administration in a bid to establish durable peace and stability in the region,” the leaders added.

The FATA elders claimed that peace and stability in the region would be a dream until fate of FATA is not decided under the shelter of UN which remains the cheapest way to win war on terror and to bring durable peace and stability in the region.

They also emphasized on closure of Islamic Madrassas across Pakistan, working to promote and generate terrorism and also the fund raising sources of terrorist outfits must be shunned which is necessary for peace, rather than fencing the Durand Line.

They added that fencing the Durand Line is aimed at creating obstacles for the two brothers of the same family and tribe living on both sides of the Line rather eliminating terrorism.

The FATA elders in a statement have called on the government of Pakistan and its security agencies including the international community to put an end to the Pashtun genocide during the ongoing war on terror and stay away from dividing the Pashtun tribes through fencing the Line. They pointed out that the people of FATA have no links with terrorism and religious fundamentalism by origin and history, adding that the man-made religious extremism and terrorism have been imposed on them by the state of Pakistan, aimed at destabilizing Afghanistan and undermining US-led NATO mission in the region. They pointed out that the people of FATA are thirsty for change to be brought by the international community and they are strongly committed to be a peaceful and civilized part of international human family. They said that the pro-terror policies of Pakistan have been unmasked which needs severe punishment for being nurturing terrorism against the innocent humanity of the World.

They called on Afghan government, United Nations, US-led NATO member countries, Islamic Conference, International Civil Societies including Civil Society in Pakistan to put result-oriented pressure on Islamabad to give up fencing the Durand Line, unauthorized and unilaterally establishment of military installations along the Durand Line and to shun the safe terror havens on its soil.

The statement added that the leaders stressed on the Afghan government to support the voice of voiceless people of FATA in a bid to get rid of the worst type of slavery and barbarism of Pakistan. The people of FATA puts weight behind Kabul for being opposed fencing the Durand Line.

In the presence of silence by the United Nations and the international community over the unilateral military installations of Pakistan along the Durand Line, the Pashtun tribes on both sides of the Line must be moved on tribal uprising against Pakistan in order to stop its aggression.

Durand Line is not an international border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, they leaders said, adding that the Pashtun land and people in Pakistan belongs to Afghanistan that needs to be restored as soon as possible. Prior to this a Jirga (Dialogue) of FATA elders and youth was held at Jalalabad, capital city of eastern Nangarhar province, where the participant spoke in the same tone and called on Pakistan to vacate FATA region as it was never a regular part of Pakistan.

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