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FATA is not part of Pakistan: Achakzai

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Chief of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP), Mahmood Khan Achakzai the other day has said that FATA was never a part of Pakistan.  He said this while briefing Pakistan parliamentarian.

The Afghan government should lodge a formal complaint against Pakistan’s military presence in FATA region which is a clear violation to the agreements between Afghanistan and British India.

Addressing Pakistan’s National Assembly’s session on FATA affairs, Achakzai said any Pakistani parliament has no right and legal jurisdiction, even as per constitution of Pakistan to move any kind of legislation on FATA, adding FATA was a domain of the Viceroy of British India and currently of the Pakistan’s President since 1947.

“As  per Independence Act of 1947, the newly but disputed state of Pakistan was composed on East Bengal, Western Punjab, Sindh, British Baluchistan with the exception of Kalat state and North West Frontier Province, currently known as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Independence Act did not recognize FATA to be a part of Pakistan,” Achakzai reminded history and origin of FATA.

Quoting agreement between the late Afghan King Amanullah Khan and British India that was happened in 1921 in Rawalpindi; he said the agreement between Kabul and British India had restricted both sides to take each other into confidence before launching any type of military action in FATA, adding any decision on FATA without prior consultation of Afghanistan would not be valid and acceptable.

“Kabul government must lodge a formal complaint against the unilateral intervention by the Pakistani military in FATA region in order to put record straight,” Achakzai urged Kabul.

Shedding light on the prevailing situations inside Pakistan and in the region, Achakzai noted Pakistan at the moment has been in closed and dark street where no light insight.

“Based on pro-terror and anti-Pashtun policies, time is not running with Pakistan,” Achakzai claimed.

The Pashtun nationalist leader, having popularity among Pashtuns  living on both sides of the so-called Durand Line—unauthorized border between Afghanistan and Pakistan,  further went on saying that the United States and European countries have strategic plans and interests in the region. Any wrong decision could make Pakistan a ‘birthday cake.’

He said the people of FATA have become feed up of Pakistan and Pakistan-ism, adding the FATA people are going to be intended towards gorilla war against Pakistan. “Last day Pakistan’s military officials were killed in North Waziristan and coordinated attacks were carried out on Pakistan army in Bajaur agency of FATA.”

He added FATA elders some days back held a Jirga (dialogue) with the military establishment of Pakistan, where the Chief of Army Staff was clearly warned to stay away from any type of reforms on FATA without prior consultation with the real representative tribes and tribal elders of FATA and the government of Afghanistan as well.

“Any decision on FATA contradicting its origin as per Independence Act and genuine desires of the FATA people could be resulted in creation of a separate independent state of FATA people, they referred to creation of Bangladesh,” Achakzai highlighted remarks of FATA elders during a meeting with Pakistan’s military officials.

Achakzai emphasized on Pakistani leadership to take FATA people into confidence regarding every kind of decision on FATA, adding, only 4 articles of Pakistan’s constitution have been applicable to FATA region while the rest of 280 articles of the constitution are applicable to other parts of Pakistan which clearly indicates FATA position in Pakistan.

He urged the President of Pakistan to abolish Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR) from FATA through a presidential ordinance without making invalid attempts of merging FATA into any part of regular Pakistan.

Moreover, he said the President of Pakistan should introduce an elected governor (FATA resident) to be authorized to discuss FATA issues with the President of Pakistan and the international community.

This comes at a time when a number of political parties are struggling for integration of FATA region into Pakistan, while some political parties, including Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and a majority of FATA people have been opposing it. The people of FATA want the US-led International Community to install United Nations-led administration in FATA and the suppressed humanity there should be given an opportunity to hold an independent Jirga (dialogue) under the umbrella of UN to decide fate of FATA and to win war on terror in a suitable way. The FATA people say FATA is integral part of Afghanistan, not Pakistan and revisiting the so-called Durand Line is the only reliable solution to the problems of the region and the International Community. On social media, a number of social and political activists from FATA have called on the US and regional community to stay vigilant, adding some among the so-called allies of the US and regional community in Pakistan have been pursuing Pakistan’s notorious agenda. According to them merger of FATA could make more tougher and difficult the job of International community there. Some months back the Vice President of European Parliament called on the US and other responsible western countries to revisit Durand Line to end Pakistan’s terror policies to establish durable peace and stability in the region.

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