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Fate of NUG in Afghans’ hands

The United States has supported Afghanistan with human, material and financial resources since the ouster of the Taliban from power. The US authorities tried to support democracy and peace process. Former and serving officials and different segments of the society thanked American people for the support. However, loopholes or deliberate mistakes of the US authorities had also eroded support of thousands of Afghans, former officials are no exception. Afghan people believe that Washington has failed to bring peace and stability to the war-hit country. They also believe that US is influencing foreign and internal policies of Afghanistan.

Although, Afghans are grateful to the US for the support that it had provided since 2001, but it is also true that large chunk of population is questioning role of the US in the country. There is no denying to the fact that opium production has increased, corruption is still rampant and the militants are more powerful. Security situation has become worst from bad. Even Jamaicans are not ready to visit and live in Afghanistan. Peace is still elusive. Economic indicators are not only worrying public but the government as well.

Many are of the view that the White House is influencing even the country’s politics and centuries old traditions practiced even today for welfare of the general masses and Afghanistan. Jirgas are one of such traditions. When suspicion comes, questions are asked. The electoral deadlock in 2014 and the US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s role in ending the impasse while brokering a power-sharing deal had strengthened these suspicions. The deal helped the country from plunging into chaos and total violence, but it also provided ground for skepticism and suspicion. Things are not turning in favor of the US because John Kerry’s statement on Saturday will spark severe criticism in the country. The US State Secretary in a joint press conference with President Ashraf Ghani said that the National Unity Government (NUG) would complete its five-year term. He said the agreement was not for two years.

Perhaps, Kerry wanted to placate the uncertain political situation with such a statement but it is considered clear interference in Afghanistan. Afghans went to the polling stations to support democracy. They were promised of free and fair election which was rigged by the powerful foreign and some local players. They repeatedly urged the NUG leaders to honor their words. Convening Loya Jirga within two years to sanction the power-sharing deal through amendments in the Constitution was one of such promises. Afghans know that weak government is better than no government but they also do not want to sacrifices their lives and properties for interests of a few figures. Afghans will never allow anyone to compromise on the national interests and hurt the national unity. The current government is regularly striking the national unity.

Therefore, Afghans have the right to accept or reject the government because democracy means government by public and for public. Thus, the US authorities should be careful when giving statements. Some statements can hurt relations between the two countries. The White House shall support Afghans not a few figures in the power center.

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