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Father killed his three children

AT Kabul:

Today in Dand region of Kandahar province, a person killed his three children due to poverty and inability to find bread to their family.  

Hearing this news is really heart-wrenching and burns a person to the bone marrow, and this is completely amazed how a father can end the life of his sweet children with a knife.

The news of the sale of “children and body parts” to finance the families and feed the other members is also published from all over the country this year.

There have been reports that a number of citizens who could not provide bread to their children left them in the mosques and went on their own, and worst of all, in this one year, the heads of families have committed suicide due to the inability to provide bread to their family members.

It is while that billions of dollars have been poured into this country by national and international institutions in the last twenty years, and nowadays 40 Million dollars are coming to the Central bank every week.

By Shirzai

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