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Female journalists in Faryab brave danger

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KABUL: Increasing insecurity and tough patriarchy in the northern province of Faryab have caused women and girls lose their jobs in the once peaceful area.

A number of ladies who have lost their jobs, say that old traditions have forced them to sit at home and not think of education.

Farangis says that she studied journalism for four years and is now looking for job, but says she is not sure to find a job.

“I am very much interested in working with the media because I am educated in this field of knowledge. I want to work at a radio or television channel, but I can’t find job,” she said.

Farahnaz is another lady seeking a job in media companies. She calls “simple reasons” such as her clothing as obstacle to find job. “The ruling culture requires ladies to wrap themselves with borqa, but I can’t wrap myself with that,” she said.

Women cannot appear in public areas without Burqa in Faryab province, a matter that according to Farahnaz, hampers reporting for women.

She said that being journalist is considered as “shame” for women in Faryab. She said that “unfortunately, girls in Faryab can’t work as journalists as the ladies can do in Kabul or Mazar-e-Sharif cities.”

Security threat is another problem for women seeking job in Faryab. Insecurity and lack of government rule on most of the parts of Faryab, have taken the chance of job not only from ladies, but also from men.

Qotbuddin Koohi, head of provincial office of journalists’ association, calls the situation “a matter of concern”. “Ladies choose journalism with the hope of working as reporters, but they do not see the ground paved for them to achieve their dreams,” he said.

He added that 20 newspapers and magazines were active there, but are now inactive. Koohi also said that only six of 10 radio broadcasters are active now in the province and all are held by men. There is no TV broadcaster in Faryab.

Provincial government says they support journalism and journalists in Faryab, with Ahmad Javed Bidar, provincial spokesman, saying that a news website was lately activated by private budget of provincial governor. He said that ladies were employed in the website.

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