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Female motorcyclists embark on race to support women rights in Daikundi

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KABUL: A number of female motorcyclists in the central province of Daikundi, have embarked on a motorcycling race to draw support for the women rights as part of the 16-days campaign of ending violence against women.

The exhibitive race, which was held in the provincial capital of Nili, contributed 10 female motorcyclists.

Provincial Director for Gender, Marzia Hamdard said that the race was held by the provincial government in cooperation with Oxfam. The race was held, she said, “in support of girls who ride motorcycles.”

The exhibitive race would urge the women to show their capability and stand against cultural and social taboos and negative practice in the province.

The women, who participated in the racing, welcomed the show and called on the families to allow their daughters to join the motorcycling race.  

Mohammad Dad, whose daughter is a motorcyclist, called on the families to say no to the negative practice and let their daughters take part in such exhibitive shows. “Riding a motorcycle is not a disgrace for a woman,” he said.  

Afghanistan is one of the countries, where women have less freedom and the culture of male pride has often put women in a limitation—something that gradually is changing. Moreover, with the Afghan government engaging into peace negotiation with the Taliban – the group who enforced strict rights on women, there are high concerns about the possible violation of the women rights gained during the last two decades.

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