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Fighting corruption for survival

News of the provincial director of agriculture, irrigation and livestock arrest in Bamyan province is a welcoming sign that the government is taking the fight against corruption serious. The provincial director, Mohammad Tahir Attai, was previously arrested on the same charges nearly five years ago. However, he was released after two months—exposing our justice system which is a cobweb fit for catching insect not big animals. Public have lost trust in the judiciary because quick justice dispensation has become a dream for poor despite working hard while only rich people get the fruit. According to Pajhwok Afghan News, Attai served on the post for last 15 years.

On the subject of corruption there has been much debate. Not only Afghan people but the international community had also repeatedly expressed serious concerns over the snail-paced fight against graft. The parasite of corruption is feeding on the governmental organizations and decomposing the whole infrastructure. The country which is dependent on donor countries should value each and every penny to stand on its own feet. A few people are preventing the country from development in order to satiate their greed. Their greed and power had made them blind. They are misusing the public mandate and authority for their own personal benefits. They don’t care about the 60 percent population which lives below the poverty line.

Because of this, Afghanistan has made little progress in the past 15 years. Corrupt officials are not letting the state institutions to grow. These people are hindering reforms for their own interests. They create challenges for the government. They organize protests and misguide people to build pressure over the leaders to maintain the status quo. The government cannot usher in new era of development until the big whales feeding on the public money were not arrested and punished.

To fight corruption such elements shall be fought first. The war on corruption is as important as the fight against terrorism. Both are paralyzing the nation. Thus, the leaders shall speed up the fight against corruption while arresting so-called influential people who worked at key government positions or currently holding important posts. Netting more big whales is important to restore public and international community’s trust which is need of the hour and essential for the National Unity Government’s improved image and existence. Hence, the leaders shall take the fight against corruption as fight for survival of the government.

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