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Fighting narcotics; Afghan-US officials discussed methods of counternarcotic

AT-KABUL: The Afghan and the US officials discussed the ways of counter-narcotics efforts in a joint workshop held on Tuesday in Kabul.

The US Ambassador to Kabul, Hugo Llorens reaffirmed his country’s support for Afghanistan’s counter narcotics objectives at the event, the US embassy said in a statement.

“All of us here today recognize the magnitude of Afghanistan’s counter narcotics problem… We must eradicate more poppies, seize more heroin, prosecute more traffickers, and reduce the flows of these harmful drugs… Together, we can jointly create a better future for all Afghans,” Llorens said at the workshop titled ‘Interdiction Workshop: 2017 and beyond’.

Counter-narcotics minister Salamat Azimi, deputy interior minister Baz Mohammad Ahmadi and representatives from Afghan government and the US counter-narcotics organizations participated in the workshop.

The interdiction-focused event was a continuation to a prior workshop hosted by the U.S. Embassy February 6-8 titled ‘Coordinating Counter Narcotics Efforts for 2017 and Beyond’.

The two workshops covered a range of issues, including the Afghan National Drug Action Plan, public information efforts, eradication, interdiction, and alternative development.  These events set the agenda for joint counter narcotics efforts for 2017 and beyond, according to the statement.

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