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‘Fighting terrorism requires political will—not fencing’  

AT-KABUL: Afghan officials dismissed Sunday Britain’s support of Pakistan fencing along the Durand Line, saying that creating walls couldn’t prevent terrorist acts.

British army chief of staff, Nick Carter supported Pakistan’s fencing along the line, saying it would be helpful in fighting terrorism.

The National Security Council (NSA) says that fight against terrorism needs political will and practical measures. It says that terrorist groups are sheltered at the other side of Durand Line inside Pakistan and that should be removed.

“Fencing cannot prevent terrorist acts. It is important that we make a political will to struggle terrorist groups that are clear sheltered inside Pakistan,” said Qader Shah, spokesman of the national security council.

The Pakistani newspaper, Express Tribune has quoted Carter that has called Pakistan’s role positive in fight terrorism. He has also said that fencing would help improving security in the border areas.

Pakistan started fencing along the border last year, a line that Afghanistan doesn’t recognize as official border line. The line was drawn in 1893 by a British diplomat Henry Mortimer Durand as border line between Afghanistan and the then British India. No Afghan governments have recognized it as a border line.

Britain has repeatedly supported Pakistan’s fencing along the Durand Line. Afghanistan believes that the fence only further divides people living on the two sides of the line.

Members of parliament also criticize the fencing, saying that British officials support it because they have their own interests.

“We are against fencing along the Durand Line because this divides our people. The foreigners are not thinking of Afghanistan or Pakistan, they are just seeking their own interests in the region. Afghanistan and Pakistan should know the conspiracy,” Amir Khan Yaar, a lawmaker said.

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